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CollapseStatus: Open
 7ConfirmedRight alligned controls on various forms are not wide enough due to a bug in the compiler. This will be an ongoing issue with malformed controls corrected as we find them. 
CollapseStatus: Pending Verification
 24CorrectedReferential integrity cleanup script not removing serialized records with null serial numbers.
 25CorrectedReprinting credit card receipt from card authorization history with no receipt printer selected is throwing an AV.
 26CorrectedServer administrator not requiring UAC elevation.
 27CorrectedTable based lookup fields not locating matches on large lookup lists.
CollapseStatus: Closed (Continued on the next page)
 1VerifiedDisabled field missing from list of available fields on stock code selection window.
 3VerifiedBrowse for folder via Windows shell is throwing an access violation.
 4VerifiedImport field mapping evaluation function was incorrectly removing the mathmatical operator before evaluating the expression.
 5VerifiedImport default field value replacement was not updating string fields21.0.0.5
 6VerifiedInstall was not clearing the Win32 registry settings of Atrex 20 and older upon completing the install.
 8VerifiedInventory transfers are missing the partial transfer prompt if there are insufficient items.
 9VerifiedCredit card processing DLL callbacks are failing due to 32/64bit pointer size mismatch.
 10VerifiedAV when clicking on the objects tab of the report designer toolbox area. (Reported to component developer)
 11VerifiedBanking account balancing window column header was not indicating sort method.
 12VerifiedReport designer direct data access objects functions need to be redefined to use int64 to accomodate 64bit memory addressing.
 13CorrectedAn AV is being displayed when posting a stock code sale price change with database replication is enabled.
 14CorrectedPrebuilt containers added to service orders are not removed from the list of available prebuilt containers when the SO is saved.
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Confirmed: Confirmed issue - Needs correction
Unresolved: Issue uncorrected - Needs further investigation
Corrected: Corrected in source code - Awaiting verification
Verified: Correction verified - Issue Resolved
W.A.D.: Working as designed or unable to reproduce the issue
Deferred: Issue to be addressed at a later time